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Rights so whats been happening with me, WELLLLLLLLl


Iain and I have started packing there is less than 12 days before we get the keys to our new place ! EEEK! we are surrounded by packing boxes, and have just packed all games,dvds etc… shelfs are looking very lonely after that!

I didnt think moving would bother me as much as it has, I wobbled today and had a few tears while talking to the in laws. They are getting ready for next weekend when we go down to pack our stuff from their side. I dont know what came over me…. seeing all the boxes around me and making plans with them, I suddenly found myself sobbing into iains arms. How silly???

I guess because I have never moved, My sister and I were very fortunate to not have to move when we little, so I guess nothing prepared me for this.

As iain said I don’t think its the fear of moving, I think its more of the uncertainty…. of where things are going to go etc…

I am excited in a little way,but scared at most i think…. its a big step a new home, and your first home, but It will be lovely to be a married couple :) and have mum and dad and MIL and FIL over for dinner, and cooking in my OWN kitchen. thats gonna be FAB!

I have managed to squeeze in a little beading hopefully some pics from that tommorow…

But Im not liking this packing thing one little bit, Im so tired now…gonna have a quick game of something and then to bed to prepare for another day of packing. I will try and keep you updated as much as I can and remember.

toodles for now!

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