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Autumn Weaves handmade jewellery blog, is all about items that are for sale on my website, current projects that I am working on and simple things that go on throught a normal day with me.

wow its been forever since I have updated this, well we are nice and settled in our new home and loving every single minute of it :) We have two new additions to the mackey family meet Wookie and Zell. Wookie is our long haired black and white guinea pig :D he got so big since this pic was taken though, he loves snuggles and cuddles, and is quite a calm piggy! Zell is a beautiful buttery,ginger colour, he less happy to be picked up, but is quite happy once he is on you, exploring his space. they seem to get along okish!? they do have little spats and fights, but nothing major!
they both love carrots, and broccoli and both squeak very loudly if they hear someone in the kitchen, and think a treat might be coming their way...
as I was saying though, it has been lovely to be in our own space :) we are both very happy here, and I feel my relationship with iain is a longer stronger (if thats possible) than it was before. I am very glad that he likes things tidy, and keeps me on my toes, to whinge at me when my messyness get too much :D but hey its usually beads, and my reply its not mess it creativity :D and smile sweetly!
I promise to blog soon
Liz x

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