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Ok its the second day of hubby and I diets, and I thought I would blog a little throughout our weight loss journey... nothing exciting... my feelings, thoughts and maybe a few recipes...

Today has been a tough day, Tuesday is a hectic day for me, and food is the last thing on my mind, but with the WW diet you have to eat your points, now I need to explain I never EVER eat breakfast, while most people are sitting down to a sandwhich, im eating toast. I hate eating breakfast. But woke up this morning so hungry, I was thinking I might eat the sideboard while waiting for the toast to pop.
tonight we had curried rice with chicken. I am not a huge lover of rice, I have to say.. its just not soemthing I find tasty, but this dish was delish for those of you who are following the WW new Pro Point thing...
it was 11 points... and was very filling...
I found some WW jelly while we were shopping at the weekend, Which is 0 points, Hubby and I expected it to be nasty, but I have to say it tasted like any other Jelly to me... so thats a nice treat you kinda feel like you being a little naughty :)
will post recipe at some point tommorow.
On the beading front , I am still working on my project from christmas which should of been my mums christmas present, however chest infections and colds got in the way over the festive period and christmas passed me by!
Its almost finished a few more hours on it and it should be done, the longest part has been makign the herringbone rope necklace. Tubular Herringbone will be off my list of stitches for a while I think...

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