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Autumn Weaves handmade jewellery blog, is all about items that are for sale on my website, current projects that I am working on and simple things that go on throught a normal day with me.

its been a fair while since I updated this, but its been very busy around here, so allow me to explain whats been going on around here.


The big news is that hubby and I are moving, after being married almost 2 years and living with my lovely parents, we have found a lovely little one bedroom maisonette to move into, its about 2 mins from mum and dads ,so i can still be the close for rainbows each week!

We signed the contract on Friday, and all went well, so we get the keys on the 19th March, so we really do have a lot to do :) it should be exciting, although I think I am scared more than anything, but I’m sure it will be ok once all the stuff is in the flat. The hardest I think will be lugging the furniture up the motorway from Sussex. We have never taken a lot of iains furniture as we have never ever had room, so it will be lovely to be in our own place and to be a proper married couple. Its a new chapter for us.

Speaking of chapters, I am really struggling to get my head round this dumb essay, The question is from Faustus, and I can honestly say I HATE IT!!! its not often that I dislike a book, I read most things, and I usually can find something good to say but I honestly cant find anything good to say about it. but I guess its got to be done before we move so hey –ho!



its been a while since I blogged, not sure where the time goes at the moment, I cannot believe that it is nearly march already!

I have just started my course again, so far its quite interesting, my first assignment is due on the 12th March, so I guess that will keep me busy.

I am currently splitting my free time with playing the new Star Trek Online (STO) and beading. Star trek online seems very good, although cryptic need to work on their server issues, as the lag is pissing me off.

So when I am not blowing the Klingons up in the U.S.S Autumnweaves or the U.S.S Apple, I am working on a project from the Laura Mccabe beading book, her work is totally and utterly amazing! so I hope to have pictures of that in the next few days.

anyways im logging off now, as I am being nagged to finish my laura Mccabe project, my beading tray is screaming at me lol!


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