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As some of you know I am a proud member of GirlGuidingUK. GGUK has been celebrating a year long birthday because we are 100 years old! On Wednesday 20.10.2010 at 20:10 :0 ) I renenwed my promise with girls around the world, and to look to the future of the next 100 years :)
I wanted to note down as a mark of history I guess.
Why I am a guider? why I think it is important for girls to be apart of GGUK, and How it has made me the woamn I am today.

Why I am a guider?

I am a guider because I believe girls, and young woman, should have a place to go, to not worry about weight issues, what they look like, to not have to worry about what people think of them, and to have fun and make friends. To give girls a chance that they might not get if they were not part of girlguiding. I believe without the pressures of the media, schooling, and boys. Girls have the chance to be themselves gain the confidence to stand up for what the believe, and let their voices be heard. Listen to these girls they will change the future. I believe with my help these girls are becoming confident, strong, and well rounded females, who will lead the way to a better world, a world without war, without poverty etc.

Why I think guiding made me the woman I am today?

I have been in guiding my whole life. My mum was a brownie guide when I was small, and having been to a few meetings, I refused to be left behind, by the time I was 8 I had been kayaking, abseiling, and canoeing. I had made life long friends. I was a strong minded, determined young girl who knew one day I would pass my love of guiding on.
I believe guiding gave me amazing opptunities that I could of never of done on my own. I have met some amazing guiding friends, who each day give their time and expertise to young girls to show them too that guiding is the future. To show each girl that they can make a diffrence in the world, to show them they have a voice, and to speak out and make a diffrence.

It has been a action packed year long party for us, and was a very special moment to renew our promises all together and I feel proud to be part of it.
To my guiding friends I cherish every precious moment with you all, and never ever forget that.
From one truly proud guider
Happpy 100th Birthday GirlGuidingUK and here to another 100

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