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Autumn Weaves handmade jewellery blog, is all about items that are for sale on my website, current projects that I am working on and simple things that go on throught a normal day with me.

As some of you know I am a proud member of GirlGuidingUK. GGUK has been celebrating a year long birthday because we are 100 years old! On Wednesday 20.10.2010 at 20:10 :0 ) I renenwed my promise with girls around the world, and to look to the future of the next 100 years :)
I wanted to note down as a mark of history I guess.
Why I am a guider? why I think it is important for girls to be apart of GGUK, and How it has made me the woamn I am today.

Why I am a guider?

I am a guider because I believe girls, and young woman, should have a place to go, to not worry about weight issues, what they look like, to not have to worry about what people think of them, and to have fun and make friends. To give girls a chance that they might not get if they were not part of girlguiding. I believe without the pressures of the media, schooling, and boys. Girls have the chance to be themselves gain the confidence to stand up for what the believe, and let their voices be heard. Listen to these girls they will change the future. I believe with my help these girls are becoming confident, strong, and well rounded females, who will lead the way to a better world, a world without war, without poverty etc.

Why I think guiding made me the woman I am today?

I have been in guiding my whole life. My mum was a brownie guide when I was small, and having been to a few meetings, I refused to be left behind, by the time I was 8 I had been kayaking, abseiling, and canoeing. I had made life long friends. I was a strong minded, determined young girl who knew one day I would pass my love of guiding on.
I believe guiding gave me amazing opptunities that I could of never of done on my own. I have met some amazing guiding friends, who each day give their time and expertise to young girls to show them too that guiding is the future. To show each girl that they can make a diffrence in the world, to show them they have a voice, and to speak out and make a diffrence.

It has been a action packed year long party for us, and was a very special moment to renew our promises all together and I feel proud to be part of it.
To my guiding friends I cherish every precious moment with you all, and never ever forget that.
From one truly proud guider
Happpy 100th Birthday GirlGuidingUK and here to another 100

wow its been forever since I have updated this, well we are nice and settled in our new home and loving every single minute of it :) We have two new additions to the mackey family meet Wookie and Zell. Wookie is our long haired black and white guinea pig :D he got so big since this pic was taken though, he loves snuggles and cuddles, and is quite a calm piggy! Zell is a beautiful buttery,ginger colour, he less happy to be picked up, but is quite happy once he is on you, exploring his space. they seem to get along okish!? they do have little spats and fights, but nothing major!
they both love carrots, and broccoli and both squeak very loudly if they hear someone in the kitchen, and think a treat might be coming their way...
as I was saying though, it has been lovely to be in our own space :) we are both very happy here, and I feel my relationship with iain is a longer stronger (if thats possible) than it was before. I am very glad that he likes things tidy, and keeps me on my toes, to whinge at me when my messyness get too much :D but hey its usually beads, and my reply its not mess it creativity :D and smile sweetly!
I promise to blog soon
Liz x

Rights so whats been happening with me, WELLLLLLLLl


Iain and I have started packing there is less than 12 days before we get the keys to our new place ! EEEK! we are surrounded by packing boxes, and have just packed all games,dvds etc… shelfs are looking very lonely after that!

I didnt think moving would bother me as much as it has, I wobbled today and had a few tears while talking to the in laws. They are getting ready for next weekend when we go down to pack our stuff from their side. I dont know what came over me…. seeing all the boxes around me and making plans with them, I suddenly found myself sobbing into iains arms. How silly???

I guess because I have never moved, My sister and I were very fortunate to not have to move when we little, so I guess nothing prepared me for this.

As iain said I don’t think its the fear of moving, I think its more of the uncertainty…. of where things are going to go etc…

I am excited in a little way,but scared at most i think…. its a big step a new home, and your first home, but It will be lovely to be a married couple :) and have mum and dad and MIL and FIL over for dinner, and cooking in my OWN kitchen. thats gonna be FAB!

I have managed to squeeze in a little beading hopefully some pics from that tommorow…

But Im not liking this packing thing one little bit, Im so tired now…gonna have a quick game of something and then to bed to prepare for another day of packing. I will try and keep you updated as much as I can and remember.

toodles for now!

its been a fair while since I updated this, but its been very busy around here, so allow me to explain whats been going on around here.


The big news is that hubby and I are moving, after being married almost 2 years and living with my lovely parents, we have found a lovely little one bedroom maisonette to move into, its about 2 mins from mum and dads ,so i can still be the close for rainbows each week!

We signed the contract on Friday, and all went well, so we get the keys on the 19th March, so we really do have a lot to do :) it should be exciting, although I think I am scared more than anything, but I’m sure it will be ok once all the stuff is in the flat. The hardest I think will be lugging the furniture up the motorway from Sussex. We have never taken a lot of iains furniture as we have never ever had room, so it will be lovely to be in our own place and to be a proper married couple. Its a new chapter for us.

Speaking of chapters, I am really struggling to get my head round this dumb essay, The question is from Faustus, and I can honestly say I HATE IT!!! its not often that I dislike a book, I read most things, and I usually can find something good to say but I honestly cant find anything good to say about it. but I guess its got to be done before we move so hey –ho!



its been a while since I blogged, not sure where the time goes at the moment, I cannot believe that it is nearly march already!

I have just started my course again, so far its quite interesting, my first assignment is due on the 12th March, so I guess that will keep me busy.

I am currently splitting my free time with playing the new Star Trek Online (STO) and beading. Star trek online seems very good, although cryptic need to work on their server issues, as the lag is pissing me off.

So when I am not blowing the Klingons up in the U.S.S Autumnweaves or the U.S.S Apple, I am working on a project from the Laura Mccabe beading book, her work is totally and utterly amazing! so I hope to have pictures of that in the next few days.

anyways im logging off now, as I am being nagged to finish my laura Mccabe project, my beading tray is screaming at me lol!


its been a hectic few weeks, as the snow set in for almost 2 1/2 weeks solidly, and I was beginning to think I would never see colour again.

However a nice big rain cloud and some warmer temperatures means that all the snow has almost gone thank goodness!!

You would think with all the snow that I would be totatly inspired and have made lots of things, but thats a big fat NO!

I have managed to make in the last few days one of Jean Powers gorgeous geometric stars though, I brought the pattern ages ago, had a go couldnt get it to go right, and it got lost on my messy hard drive, it wasn’t until I was clearing the data off it, to put certain new items on my new laptop that I came across it! so I am very pleased at the way it came out, and I LOOOVE wearing it :D DSCF3146

seee! isnt it prettty :) If you would like to make your own star go to and buy it, she got some amazing tutorials on there, she really is a talented beader! :)

The other thing I made is a St Petersburg bracelet in a wonderful burnt orange with a deep metallic brown, the colours are beautiful!


and with the season of Love sneaking rapidly up behind us! I hoped to have some more heart themed stuff, I just haven’t got round to it! I should show you this!!!


I mean How CUTE! are these dinky little hearts BLESS!!!

anyways I need to go find something more constructive to do than sitting here on the computer so I am off



PS! Oh yeah I got an interview on Tuesday at a local school! forgot to say!


Well We are back in Bracknell, yesterday was hectic having spent the day doing rainbow paperwork. I do hope it doesn't snow though like the Met office has forecasted. We have been told that the heating in our rainbow meeting place is broken and a engineer could be fixing it today, so mum and I are wondering whether it should go ahead anyway, but if the snow falls, I think I might cancel it, with no heating and the snow, I think it might be a bit much!!! stupid snow!

Beading wise I haven’t done much although I am working on something that I hope will loook good when I am finished, but dont count on it being soon lol!


Well its time to pack the last few things and head to Berkshire, Im so tired this morning…….. but I do hope to get my to do list sorted tommorow, so I can get some beading done. Its been a lovely week , so I am sad we are back to a routine of going to rainbows etc….

Tommorow is a day of rainbow paperwork fun fun fun!!!

anyways must pack the laptop

Liz x

Well its here, after all the hype, Big -Ben chimed midnight, and the UK said goodbye to 2009 and hello to 2010. Today is going to be a nice relaxing day before I have to get back to reality UGH! We return home on Sunday, so we are going to go for a nice walk across the beach in a hour or two!

Im not making New year Resolutions, they are there to be broken, so these are ideas, and plans I would like to acheive!

What I want to get out of 2010?

1. I want to find my girly self ( I am fed up with messy hair,tired loook) so I will find my girly side, she is hiding in me somewhere

2. I want to carry on learning and beading as much as I can, and using this blog, i want to look back on it, in a years time and see how much I have advanced.

3. I start my new degree in February, and I want to take it seriously, no more messing around with courses, this course is what I want to do, so its time to get  serious.

4. I want to be the best wife I can to Iain, He puts up with a lot, beads, thread, and mess everywhere, I am not the tidiest of people, but he still loves me, and always encourages me. So it is time that I stopped taking advantage of him.

5. I want to be out of my parents house and living with iain before the year is out, to be in own home, to be independent and to invite my parents over, and iains parents over for dinner, so we can thank them for all the support they have given us.

6. I want a job before the year is out, I am fed up with not doing anything, and I know I will be studying, but I want to be earning, I want to be showing people my skills. Beading job would be nice, but somehow I don’t see that happening, although I do want to make the beading work :)

I want to finish my beading project hopefully today or tomorrow, although it is proving to be a pain in the butt!!!  I don't want to give too much away, but it is getting there… :) so Watch this space!!!!

Right I think that's enough rubbish for today, CONGRATULATIONS if you managed to get to the end without falling asleep!

LIz x

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