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Autumn Weaves handmade jewellery blog, is all about items that are for sale on my website, current projects that I am working on and simple things that go on throught a normal day with me.


Well We are back in Bracknell, yesterday was hectic having spent the day doing rainbow paperwork. I do hope it doesn't snow though like the Met office has forecasted. We have been told that the heating in our rainbow meeting place is broken and a engineer could be fixing it today, so mum and I are wondering whether it should go ahead anyway, but if the snow falls, I think I might cancel it, with no heating and the snow, I think it might be a bit much!!! stupid snow!

Beading wise I haven’t done much although I am working on something that I hope will loook good when I am finished, but dont count on it being soon lol!


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My name is Elisabeth Mackey, and I make handmade jewellery, this blog is to showcase my beaded work, and to know what/'s going on in my world.